Friday, December 12, 2014

Senate Torture Report Released

Kudos to Diane Feinstein (for a change), for actually releasing the report (as far as it goes of course -- which is not far enough since it leaves intact the lies of 9/11).

Interesting how in the report-- it repeatedly refers to 119 suspects in the CIA "enhanced interrogation" program. 119 - 911.

Still, it is a small step of progress, and it's good to see how much news this report has generated.

War-crimes trials seem out of the question for now, and if they are not going to prosecute for torture, they sure aren't going to do anything about 9/11.

The main thing this report does is show clearly how sick, corrupt, evil and incredibly dishonest the CIA is.

And of course, Cheney lied his fucking pathetic evil ass off on Fox two days ago, about torture.

But this was no isolated incident either--  
torture and evil inhumane treatment is indeed who we are as Americans

The ideal, of course, is to work to be better -- and not shove bad news under the rug and apologize for wrong-doing.

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