Monday, March 01, 2010

Torture Roundup

1) The complete Bush admin lawyer gang who signed off on torture:
* John Ascroft
* Alberto Gonzales
* Larry Thompson
* Jim Comey
* Jay Bybee
* Daniel Levin
* Steven Bradbury
* Michael Chertoff
* Tim Flanigan
* David Addington
* Scott Muller
* John Bellinger
* John Rizzo
* John Yoo
* Patrick Philbin
* (Probably) Jennifer Koester
* Adam Ciongoli

2) On Abu Zubaydah's coffin/mock burial torture.

3) NYTimes editorials on torture have been good:

The Torture Lawyers

Yes, It Was Torture, and Illegal

4) War Criminal John Yoo Has a Public Email Address in case anyone is interested:

The comments in his recent column are a good read. Though, how disgusting to see him gloat about his being cleared by the OPR, and how even more disgusting he is not in jail but rather has a newspaper column to spread his foulness.

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